Mark, Sigrid and Geert Jan Wobeck on the show

The Op1 talk show has succeeded in seducing the leaders of the four coalition parties. Tonight’s broadcast features Mark Rutte, Sigrid Kaj, Geert Jan Sigers, and Wubke Hoekstra.

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Four party leaders Mark Rutte, Sigrid Kaj, Geert Jan Segers and Wopkie Hoekstra are tonight’s guests on an Op1 special to talk about their coalition agreement. “Live from the Hotel des Indes they explain the content of the coalition agreement and tell them the hard way to get there,” a spokeswoman for the talk show said.

Sven Kukelmann

He will see Sven Kukelmann through political leaders as a solo presenter. “How did they find each other after more than half a year of rolling around in the street? How was trust in each other restored? And where do they get all that money to make these huge investments in climate, education, housing and security?”

After this big interview, there will be a panel discussion at Studio Op1 in Amsterdam led by duo MAX Elles de Bruin and Charles Groenhuijsen. Their guests include Jost Follings, Zander van der Welp, Ed Niepels, Felix Rothenberg and Wok van Scherenburg.

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“Op1 with the leaders of the four parties” can be seen tonight at 22.23 on the NPO 1 website.

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