Mark Verheugen: ‘Trump won’t come back’ | 1 Limburg

Mark Verhaigen, VVD member from Venlo, predicts Donald Trump’s departure from Washington will be final. “I’m getting more and more lonely.”

Verheijen was a guest at L1mburg Central on Wednesday. The Resident of Venlo is more than average interested in American politics and has even written a book about it.

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The VVD Member himself was a Member of Parliament and a Commissioner for several years. He has seen how Trump has become increasingly lonely in recent months. In the end, loyal followers like Vice President Mike Pence turned away.

Eligible again
Trump hinted that he would run for election again in 2024, and told his followers that “ this is just the beginning. ” But Verheugen does not expect the return of the now 74-year-old businessman, television personality and former president.

Verheugen believes that for his successor, Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States who was sworn in on Wednesday, the divided country will be difficult to reconcile.

“Biden will not be able to build a bridge to fanatical Trump supporters anytime soon. And they will keep going back to Trump’s story about the big election lie.”

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