Martijn Koning: Eva Genk allowed to read column in advance | Turns out

The king arrived last month To be attacked After politician Thierry Bodh was mocked in Genk. Koning joked, among other things, about alleged anti-Semitism at the Democracy Forum and Baudett’s remarks about the “optimal dilution” of the Dutch people. Then Budd left the broadcast prematurely.

RTL and Jinek both distance themselves from the content. Koning then indicated in an interview on this site that the parties were not aware of the concept. ,,,They didn’t really know what I was going to say. “He responded to those words yesterday In 1 back. The comedian claimed to have offered Genk to read the column beforehand. This invitation was not accepted. The second is that the editors were well versed in the content of the column. And Peter van der Vorst has these apps himself, so I find it very strange how things are going now. “

In 1Then Lieutenant Colonel Paul de Liu King took his own words. ,,But in Eve Did you say you never did, and that you let people read it. ”Koning replied,“ The difference between sending things and having a presenter reading it, yes I don’t mind. ”

RTL said earlier that it repeatedly asked about the column’s content. “The editors should have chosen not to allow Martin Koning to perform. We regret that this turned out to be the case and that the viewer and table guests faced this.” Eva Jinek later stated that from now on she wants to “roughly” know what her guests will do.

Katia Shurman, who was also a guest on the talk show, helped talk about her new show with Koning and Edson Da Graka, the comedian and made another advertisement. “Me and Edson were allowed to join Beau, but Martijn wasn’t welcome either, because the RTL program.”

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The king had never heard that before. “Will I find out now?” He replied, “This makes it worse.”

RTL is not yet available for comment.

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