Martijn Koning Hopes to Make Thierry Baudet Consider a Sketch | Currently

Martin Koning hopes that Forum Democracy leader Thierry Bodt will reflect on his remarks on television and in discussions in the future by drawing a comedian. Despite this hope, Koning’s goal was mainly to make a nice sketch about Democracy Forum leader for the talk show Eva Genk, the comedian said Friday at Eve.

On March 12th RTL and Eva Jinek Distance: distance Van King’s comments about Baudet during a short sketch in Genk. In Roasting the Politician, Koning spoke about the Jewish origins of Budt’s fiancée and referred to the anti-Semitic events of the Buddt party.

Koning also spoke about the possible future children of Bodit and his fiancée and referred to the Indonesian politician’s ancestry in part. Bode withdrew from the broadcast in response and was later announced no feelings You must join in the future Genk.

King announced a few days later that his remarks were her A. Personal attack They were in Baudet. The comedian speaks Eve By the time the politician’s toast crossed the line. The comedian said of his roasting: “Read this script and you’ll see it’s not such a bad thing at all.” Koning confirms that his texts will not be available for inspection in advance of the broker who will submit them.

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