Martin and Bertus still don’t have room for an olibulin holder

Pollins from long-time Martin and Bertus Donks are usually bobbing in grease around this time, but father and son still don’t have room for a booth. After 41 years in Hilversum, their familiar location next to the Gooiland Hotel is now a construction site. “We still haven’t gotten anywhere else from the municipality,” says Martin Dunks, visibly excited.

No place to bake Oliebollen yet in Hilversum – NH Nieuws

We were informed last month that there is a file bright spot It was for the makers of olibolin, but nothing could have been less true. “Unrealistic, normally now you’re baking an olibulin and now you’re doing nothing,” Martin said. We talk to him in his hut where the olibulin booth is ready to leave if there is any good news. “Everything is clean, that’s what I’m sure of.”

However, the hope that they will sell something this year is small. “Hilversum municipality has canceled several places. For example, we wanted to be in front of the Gooland Hotel, but that would be unsafe for traffic.”

“After all these years, there is no place left and you are being put aside”

Martin Dunks – Olibolin Becker

Martin is especially disappointed in the municipality of Hilversum, because the same party once brought him to the village. “The municipality did not have an olibulin booth and we were asked to come here. After so many years there is no longer a place and you are being put aside.”

Local Council

Tonight, SP is once again making an effort to stand up to the Dunk Olibolin. At City Council, Chancellor Bianca Verweij is hoping for a solution from responsible local council member Voorink. Martin himself, however, has a hard head about it. He concludes, “There is plenty of room, but there is a difference between not being able or not wanting to.”

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