Martin Van Rossum: “I think all of America is a lost country” | entertainment

at Veronica Magazine The American expert – who has since become well known as a member of the jury – gets from the general public Smartest human being – “For” a number of “stupid” questions to choose. As for the seemingly innocent question of whether he would fly if the program’s management asked for it, Martin surprisingly provided an answer spitting his evil on the US

No. No compromises, no costume parties. At some point in my teens, I had an electric razor, Philishave. Its use caused severe skin irritation. This way my then-girlfriend said I should have a scraper. In other words, I had to get a shave. Wet. I did it once and it resulted in a wound that bleeds seriously, because I have no hand. Since then, I have let my beard grow and trim it once every two weeks. I like it really well. “

‘Dangerous European’

But this Philishave himself led to a lot of misery when Martin had to pass customs at Kennedy Airport in New York. “Then these bastards in security broke this whole thing because in their eyes I looked like a” dangerous European “and that blade could be a grenade. This was in the year 71, long before there were any jihadists.”

Martin continues, “I will tell you this: There is no place in the world where people are treated as badly as in American airports. I think all of America is a lost country. Anyone who wears a hat and uniform is not good there. You feel threatened all the time. Not without reason that it is.” You are shot for the slightest. “

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Pink denim shirt

When asked if the jury member, who usually wears black, wears bright colored jackets hanging in his wardrobe, he replied, “No. This has to do with my wife’s purchase policy. I don’t choose my clothes, she does. The last time I wore something. It was colorful about thirty or forty years ago, when I lived in America. Pink jeans shirt. It was completely destroyed by a Chinese laundry in New York City. Never wear something like that again. “

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