Martin Van Rossum is the only one with a completely different voice

Wednesday did it again, Martin Van Rossum. at In 1 Put our simple souls on earth. He turned our noses from west to east, with his ironic conclusion after tears in Washington.

This conclusion can be described as: It is great that everyone thinks modesty is back in the United States. But as the striker, are we now taking a look at Germany, at the succession of Angela Merkel? What about the European Union? Van Rossum: “Our interest in the United States is completely obsessive and overrated. I say so. So you can assume that this is absolutely correct.”

Refreshing, like a cold shower. Although I didn’t want to miss President Biden’s inauguration, either. What a show, what power of a woman that Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez are. And then Amanda Gorman (22)How is this poet emotional and almost sings her poem The hill we climb engaged. In beautiful terms like… Being an American is more than just a pride we inherit, it’s the past we step into and how we fix itPrepare the toolbox, yes.

“There’s no tangible place, a little bit of public nonsense in it.”

It is also remarkable that Vice President Kamala Harris was clearly reported in the official segment: this is the first woman in this place, the first African-American and, moreover, the first of Asian descent. Will we do the same in the Netherlands when the time comes? I experienced what it looked like in my head. Imagine a scene in which Willem Alexander proudly announces: “Here’s the first woman prime minister in the Netherlands and the first of Surinamese and Hindu descent as well! Applause!”

My hypothetical reaction at first was a bit whiny: plan plan, this allowed occasionally, a woman in that place after more than 170 years of parliamentary democracy. But at the same time I felt: if after a long time you do not think it is special that someone has finally broken the streak of pure white and male, then this is completely strange.

In any case, if someone had to dampen the party vibe on the Capitol, it’d better be Van Rossum. As much as I followed all the TV comments, he was – once again – the only one with a completely different voice. He disliked: How nice that Biden wants to call, give me a handkerchief. No, Van Rossum rejected Biden’s speech, calling it vulgar. “There is no concrete place, a little public nonsense in it and our Lord’s involvement as well. Whereas if anyone has participated in American politics during the past half century, then Satan is.”

Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, Hawaii

The award-winning historian seems to me to be totally honest with himself. Although I sometimes look at him with compassion in the program he’s currently writing the date himself with, watching the numbers can do just that. Smartest human being. Would Van Rossum consider quitting, as happened in last week’s episode with Caroline Brewer, Daphne Boonscock and Sophie Hermans? You must be hurt when Omaha Beach and Utah Beach fall in Hawaii, no one knows what Zaire is anymore and it is believed that the end of WWII was November 11th.

This title “Smartest Person”, I still stumble upon. It is “the widest person”. But nobody wants to call it that name. Although Van Rossum will undoubtedly care.

Renate van der Bas and Maaike Bos each write articles on TV five times a week.

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