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Faced with a statement from Van Gaal about putting pressure on the Belgian team, Martinez reacted sour. “Did Van Gaal say we didn’t push hard enough? He also said Noa Lang deserved the Ballon d’Or more than Kevin De Bruyne… I won’t answer to other national team coaches. Sometimes we push hard. But the difficult thing in international football is that A group of 75 matches takes 6 years, so it’s hard to find a streak. We didn’t perform well enough against the Netherlands, but our success depends not on our pressure, but on what we do with and without the ball.”


However, in his zeal to take revenge on Van Gaal, Martinez misinterpreted his colleague’s statement. The Dutch national team coach has stated that the Ballon d’Or should go to Kevin De Bruyne in his eyes. “Because he is a midfielder, he did not easily become the Player of the Year. But for me he is the Player of the Year. But the Golden Ball usually goes to the strikers,” the orange coach joked. However, it was quite clear to all the listeners that Van Gaal was loyal in His opinion is that the Golden Ball, in his opinion, should go to De Bruyne.

“The important thing is that we use the match against the Netherlands in the next matches.”

In the lead-up to the Nations League match with Poland, Martinez looked back at the confrontation with the Orangemen. The national coach of the Red Devils, upon reflection, thought that the Belgians in Brussels were not much inferior to the Dutch national team. “It’s important to look back at the game. The first 25 minutes were very strong, we were in control of the game. And suddenly our defensive intensity went down. But in modern football you defend with eleven players, and that’s not just about defending. If you look at the physical stats, you can To see that the problem wasn’t there, obviously we really wanted to win. The match was actually more even than you might think when you look at the score. Now it’s important that we use the match against Holland in the next matches.”


The Red Devils national coach believes there’s a good chance he won’t be able to count on Romelu Lukaku this international period, who has fallen out against the Netherlands over ankle complaints. “The medical results were not as bad as we expected. He is not playing against Poland and Wales. There is very little chance of him getting to the last game, but I don’t expect him to play again.”

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