Martino, the national coach, leaves after being eliminated with Mexico: it makes me sad

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Gerardo Martino, the head coach of the Mexican national team, announced his retirement after his team was eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar.

“My contract ended with the final whistle,” the 60-year-old said after the match against Saudi Arabia. “That’s all I have to do.”

Mexico won 2-1 after a thrilling finale, but it wasn’t enough to reach their eighth finals. Based on goal difference, the country finished in third place behind group winners Argentina and Poland.

“I am primarily responsible for this disappointment,” Martino said. “It’s very sad.”

After Mexico was stranded in the Round of 16 in seven consecutive rounds, it was their first group stage elimination since 1978. Martino knew it. “I take all responsibility. This hasn’t happened for a very long time.”

Watch the summary of Saudi Arabia and Mexico here

Expectations in Mexico were not high in the run-up to the World Cup due to the team’s disappointing performance this year.

PSV player Eric Gutierrez and Ajax players Edson Alvarez and Jorge Sanchez were part of Mexico’s selection for the World Cup.

Offer rejected

According to the Mexican media, the Football Federation wanted to extend the contract with the coach for the World Cup until the 2026 World Cup (in Mexico, the USA and Canada), but Martino refused.

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