Marvel Studios has a big problem with the Black Panther actress

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Marvel movie shooting Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Paused due to actress injury Letitia Wright. She was injured during filming in August and left Atlanta to recuperate in London.

The recent change in guidelines from the CDC (the US Center for Infectious Disease Control) means the actress may not be able to return to Atlanta quite like that, further delaying the filming of the movie.

no vaccination

Wright has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This means that she cannot only return to the United States.

The CDC has released new guidance that all non-immigrants and non-citizens visiting the United States must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination is also required before a passenger is allowed to board an aircraft bound for the United States.

Since Wright, who was born in Guyana, is not a US citizen, she can only travel to the US (provided the stories about her vaccination status are true).

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