Masi prefers a flexible race program in bad weather forecast


The Formula 1 system is considering introducing more flexible Grand Prix start times to avoid situations like the Belgium Grand Prix in the future. According to Michael Masi, discussions will be held soon to reach a better agreement on this.

Due to heavy rain, the race at the Spa-Francorchamps lasted two rounds behind the stage in August Safety car After a normal position, a wet Belgian round is impossible. In the end, the betting management decided to flag off the race and as a result were awarded half points.

Problems in Russia were minimal

During the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, a catastrophic situation occurred again. According to the weather forecast, heavy rain was forecast throughout the weekend. The FIA ​​then decided to change one of the Formula 3 races from Saturday to Friday and the third free training session for Formula 1 was canceled on Saturday morning. However, as the weather cleared over the weekend, major problems in Russia were less likely.

‘Possible to slide backwards’

However, the FIA ​​wants to create more flexibility to easily change the race plan. The start times of the various sessions have already been set correctly. It is possible to move backwards, but it is not possible to start earlier, it is associated with television broadcasting and commerce. Yet those two things are not sacred, said Michael Masi, director of racing after the Russian Grand Prix. “It’s not much dependent on the TV schedule, but it’s something we will discuss in the coming weeks.

Belgian Grand Prix / Safety Car / Max Verstappen
Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Lars Baron (Getty Images)

Compensation for American F1 fans

After the acquisition of Formula 1 by American Liberty Media, the start time of European races was moved to one hour. It is primarily designed to accommodate Formula 1 audiences in the United States. If the start is brought back an hour forward, it gives the racing management more space to calculate changes in extreme weather conditions.

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The matter is expected to be discussed at the World Motor Sports Council meeting on October 15.

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