Mass Effect Legendary Wdition Premium Review: Quality never fades

A game that society has been calling for for a long time Legendary version of Mass Effect. A franchise with great appeal, which at that time caused a lot of uproar. The makers of Mass Effect heard the community’s call and put games together. So now you can play 3 matches + DLC (we won’t talk about Andromeda) again. Koos and Jelle chose the game and played it and JJ is here to see the guys again. Because it is still possible with this overall effect? Or is it a bit of fading glory?

Something modified

Re-mastering a game is basically an easy task. You can tweak the game according to today’s standards so that the games look up to date and can be played again. Of course, the same also applies to Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. But the point with re-mastering is that the base game should be good and the improved version should be better. Mass Effect of course made the top 3 games in the trilogy, which is good in terms of the gameplay. But how do you get a fourteen-year-old thing that’s still fresh and fruity to the present?

De Mass Effect Review

The first Impact Block is fourteen years old at the time of writing. And this really is getting old in terms of games. Technology and technology are developing so rapidly that something from fourteen years ago might seem really out of date. Jelly actually played the three matches herself when they came out, while Cos left them at the time. The Legendary Edition is Koos’ first introduction to the series. This allows him to give his honest opinion about Remastered. In other words, does the game still look up to date and does the superhero story survive? So: Was this adapter successful and should you consider purchasing it? Jelle, JJ and Koos have the answers to all of your questions.

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