Mass Effect: Team Assault canceled due to tensions between BioWare Studios

Did you know there’s been action on a multiplayer shooter in the Mass Effect universe? This game was canceled because BioWare Studios didn’t like each other, according to a former employee.

About ten years ago, BioWare canceled a multiplayer shooting game in the Mass Effect universe due to tensions between studios. This is former BioWare employee Patrick Moran The player.

The game, a first-person shooter called Mass Effect: Team Assault, was developed in Montreal. According to Moran, the game was similar in size to Battlefield 1943.

Mass Effect: Team Assault canceled and merged into Mass Effect 3 due to “tensions” between Edmonton and Montreal’s BioWare Studios.

“Although I am not Canadian and cannot appreciate the tension between English and French speakers, the Edmonton team was extremely upset about opening a studio in Montreal,” Marron said. “Studio Montreal, which owns a large portion of Mass Effect 3, was internally undermined by Edmonton, as Studio Montreal was not represented.”

Marron says the new studio cannot be “trusted” with the franchise according to the Edmonton employees, although he understands the staff’s fear of survival after the new studio opens.

Ultimately, Mass Effect: Team Assault in Edmonton is rebuilt into a co-op multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3, released in 2012. However, the mode will not return in Mass Effect: Legendary Collection, a Remasters set scheduled for release on May 14. .

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