Mass funerals for a better world

Farmers and children across Australia and New Zealand take part in the ‘Soil Your Andes’ campaign. They bury underwear. They do this to test whether the earth is still healthy. Underwear that is digested after two months lies in healthy soil.

On the Oceanic continent, a movement organized to bury their underwear has developed. Hundreds of farmers and children hide their underwear and shirts on the surface of the earth for eight weeks. This ‘Soil Your Andes Challenge’ appeared in the United States, but is now beginning to gain popularity in New Zealand and especially Australia.

The idea behind the campaign is that underwear shows how healthy the soil is. The cotton of the underwear was made of cellulose. Although it is a sugar, it is not recommended as a dessert. But for microbes, especially bacteria, a cotton swab is a real treat. So if the underwear is still completely intact after eight weeks of burial, that means the soil is unhealthy and bacteria are missing.

Farmers test their soil

Oliver Knox teaches environmental and rural sciences at the University of New England in Eastern Australia and is the driving force behind the project. He encouraged farmers to start this project. This way it is much easier for farmers to see if they can do something about their land. “It makes farmers think about their land, and it’s a fantastic way to take farmland to the people,” Knox said. Al Jazeera.

Educational programs

Moreover, this campaign also targets children. Michael Cox, who works on the Soil Your Andes campaign, explains: “Children and their teachers are curious about the soil on which they walk, but like many, they know very little about it.” For now, the curriculum in Australia is a pilot for six schools, but that number has doubled this summer. From next year, the organization hopes to teach children about the earth nationwide.

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Underwear buried worldwide

This campaign is not limited to Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Flemish begins in Hainat Projects of the same nature, Asks residents to test an underground slip. If so see how healthy the soil of the nearby nature park is. In addition, it will take place next month A large-scale experiment With thousands of participants in Switzerland. With this, the Swiss are also investigating how the Swiss soil works with the funeral rites of the underwear.

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Mass funerals for a better world

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