Mass layoffs by zoom Billionaire in the dust | Finance

The American millionaire writes this in a statement on his company’s website. Cork previously fell on the zoom near the door of the house and said, “I have no big news for you. If you are in this video call, you are in the unfortunate group. Your contract will be terminated with immediate effect.

The sudden mass layoff of three minutes was certainly not appreciated. A former employee was fired as a result. There were also many negative reactions on the internet.

This is not the first time Cork, who left India for the United States at the age of 7, has left the tracks with a stern message to his staff. Last year he threatened several employees by internal email, saying they were not working hard enough and comparing them to ‘dumb dolphins’. has seen great progress since the acquisition of Cork in 2014. The US company has already issued $ 30 billion in mortgages. There are also plans to list on the stock exchange. As a prospective foreman for a listed company, according to critics, Cork should moderate his tone and messages to employees.

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