Matia Pinoto expects to replace the penny with the Red Bull

Red Bull reduced Ferrari’s favorite character to 1-2 on Sunday, over the weekend in Imola. Ferrari captain Matia Pinoto expects the volatility between the two teams to continue for the rest of the season.

“In the end we were a little disappointed, but we had to raise our heads – this was part of the race,” Pinoto said, as Carlos Sine contacted Daniel Ricciardo on the first lap, after which he pulled his car out of the gravel. can get. Charles Leckler also spun at the end of the race and lost a podium spot.

It will be a race by race

In contrast, for the first time this season the Red Bulls were the dominant team all weekend. “Safe, [Red Bull] Strong and we know they make cars, but two weeks ago we had the best car in Australia. Now it’s the other way around; It’s racing by race, the balance may change, but overall we have a good car. “

Photo: Ferrari Media

The big upgrade is coming to Barcelona

Ferrari decided not to bring updates last weekend unlike the Red Bull, which apparently made a big difference in dominance. “We know development will undoubtedly be a key part of the season and we know the Red Bull will be very strong and they will come back, but again, let’s see its results. [de race] Look and go, “said Pinoto.

Also in Miami, the changes at Ferrari will be minor. The first major update of the season will be brought to Barcelona.

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Diphosi comforts science

Despite the disappointment in Imola, the Italian staple still leads the two championships. Pinoto says he is very much indebted to the support of the Italian fans. “We are not always just a team; We are a family and we are a family with us Diphosi

The consolation video of Carlos Science also appeared online Diphosi After his DNF in Round 1.

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