“Matilda the Musical” is now available on Netflix

Good news for my fans Matilda And everyone who’s been on TikTok a lot in recent weeks. the movie Musical Matilda Now finally available on Netflix. The film is entirely based on the stage musical by Roald Dahl and contains many well-known songs and challenging choreographies.

Since last month, everyone has been preoccupied with one thing: Musical Matilda. The film was released in select cinemas in the UK last month and since then everyone, especially on TikTok, seems to be sold out. especially choreo from Children’s roundabout It was and still is a huge success. The full movie is now also available on Netflix.


Matilda’s story is, of course, world famous. The story was written by Roald Dahl in 1988 and first illustrated in 1996. Matilda is a young girl struggling with herself and her family. She’s cool, but she loves nothing more than reading. This doesn’t exactly please her parents. They decide to send her to a strict school, where she meets the school’s horrible headmistress, Miss Agatha Trunchbull.

The version that hit Netflix this weekend is entirely based on the musical. It has been shown in London and New York since 2010. It immediately became clear that the story turned out even better in its musical form.

That’s why Netflix decided on it A film adaptation of the musical. In this version we see a number of familiar faces, including the actress Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) Like Miss Honey’s Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee) as Miss Trunchbull. Additionally, young actress Alisha Weir stars.

Watch the trailer for Musical Matilda here:

Musical Matilda by Roald Dahl It can now be seen on Netflix.

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