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Dutch Cyclist Matteo van der Boyle was born on the 19 of January 1995 in Cappelin, Belgium. In 2015 he was the youngest cycling world champion ever. Van der Paul is currently leading the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team.


Van der Boyle was there early. When he was five years old, he participated in several competitions in the West Brabant cyclo-cross competition. In fact, he was not allowed to participate yet, because participation was allowed from the age of six, but that did not prevent him. Van der Poel also had a knack for soccer and was invited to do an internship at Willem II. Ultimately, Van der Paul chose to ride bicycles.


In his first season 2009/2010 he already won several cyclocross races. The next season he was very successful; Participated in 29 bike races and won them all. In the 2011/2012 season, Van der Boyle competed in the junior category for the first time. He won the Dutch, European and World Championships, Bpost Bank Troffee, Suprestige and World Cup victories. He successfully defended his championship titles the following season, winning all 30 matches he participated in. Van der Boyle also managed to win his first game in Ronce with promises. In January 2014 he joined BKCP-Powerplus.

In the 2014/2015 season, Van der Boyle became the youngest professional world champion ever and was elected King of Winter. The next season began with difficulty due to a knee injury from a fall. He became the Dutch champion for the second time this season. He was again elected Winter King this season with a total of 22 victories. In the 2017/2018 season, Van der Boyle became champion of Europe and the Netherlands and won a bronze medal at the World Championships. In 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 he becomes Dutch, European and World Champion. The following season, Van der Boyle was able to call himself the world champion again.

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Road cycling

In 2011, Van der Boyle becomes a Dutch champion on trial with the newcomers. The following year, he was selected to participate in the World Championships. In 2013, Van der Boyle became the champion of the Netherlands again and the world champion for the first time. In 2014 he started with the elite and in 2017 followed his lead by winning the second stage of the Belgian Grand Prix. In 2018 Van der Boyle was crowned champion of the Netherlands and won a silver medal at the European Championships in Glasgow. In 2019 Van der Poel was named Best Dutch Athlete and received the Gerit Schulte Award. The rider won the 2019 Amstel Gold Race. In 2020, he repeatedly became the Dutch champion and again won the Gerrit Schulte Cup. That year he won the Flanders tour.

Mountain biking

In 2016, Van der Boyle managed to qualify for the Summer Olympics. In the World Marathon Championships, he ranked fourth and eighteen in the World Cup standings. In 2018, Van der Boyle became a Dutch champion and finished third in the World Cup. The following year he became European champion.

Private life

Van der Poel has a relationship with Roxanne Bertels. The blonde has her own fan base of several tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and works in the marketing department of Porsch Belgium in everyday life. Their relationship is said to date back to the beginning of 2019. “I got to know her through her work,” Van der Boyle told HLN. “I agreed to drive on ice with a Porsche in Finland. Roxanne was there, and so we met. Then they came to see the cross in Holst with a whole delegation, and then we had a drink in Antwerp. Meanwhile, Roxanne and I were together for a few months.” The couple lives together in ‘s-Gravenwezel, Belgium. “I don’t know if I am a good partner to live with. I try to do as little as possible at home, but now I have to wash myself and my dad is no longer there to polish my bike.”

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