Matthew McConaughey addresses America on National Day

“I congratulate America for being able to celebrate our independence and the moment of our nation’s founding. But let’s be honest, we as a nation are just kids or teens, compared to nations that have been around for so long. And just as kids and teens deal with growth spurts, so are we. That’s just a fact and that’s only good.” We have to keep learning, growing, falling and coming back in. “We need to keep hope as we build because that’s what we do,” Matthew said.

He continues: “We need to make sure that we, as Americans, respect each other’s privacy but come together as a whole and cooperate collectively. So take the time this weekend to reflect and think about how we can move forward and how we can become better and stronger as a nation. Congratulations again America, let’s dance! “

The actor flirts with the idea of ​​participating in the struggle for governor of Texas, where he will have to compete against incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott, if elected as the Democratic candidate. It is far from that, however, and if it were up to the number of Matthew’s followers, it wouldn’t.

Please no more actors, reality stars or other celebrities in the White House. Just stick with acting, one follower said, something you’re good at. Another says: Why do celebrities need to get involved in politics? The country will not benefit from that, we saw it with the former president.

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