Matthijs de Ligt: “I have not been vaccinated” | European Football Championship

A Juventus man says: “I played three games with him two years ago.” ESPN. “It went well and we are good friends off the field. I think we complement each other well. We look the same, but we are also somewhat different.”

De Ligt joins Orange after a tumultuous and difficult season full of ups and downs. For example, he was by no means always decent. “You went out for three months because of a shoulder injury. Then you come back and get coronavirus.” Despite this experience – de Licht was in quarantine for two weeks as a result of the infection – he will not (yet) be vaccinated. I was not vaccinated. It is not mandatory. I think you should be responsible for your own body. There is always a risk of contamination. I try to communicate with as few people as possible outside the Dutch national team. “

National team coach Frank de Boer recently announced that there were six players in the Dutch national team selection who had chosen not to be vaccinated. “Everyone has a choice about what gets injected into your body. I said,” I will. “But we have to respect everyone’s choice.”

Fish in the water

Although it was a lesser year for Juventus, de Ligt was comfortable in Turin. “I am very happy with Juventus. I feel like a fish in the water. Even though the team has performed less, I feel satisfied on the field and appreciated. Do they want to let me go? There are a lot of clubs with financial problems, but you have to ask.” Club. “

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There is speculation here and there about a move to Barcelona, ​​where he will be reunited with Frenkie de Jong. However, he doesn’t care whether he’s a good fit there. “You should only think about it while playing. It doesn’t make sense now. It doesn’t matter to me. Nobody has reported yet.”

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