Mave unveiled the final electric passenger plane design

Venturi Aviation’s new name from June was Mave, which previously featured the temporary Echelon 01, later renamed Mave 01. Outwardly, the final version appears to have changed little, but CEO Jan Willem Heinen emphasized the differences during a presentation Thursday afternoon.

“The fuselage has become larger, allowing a maximum of 52 passengers instead of 44.” The flight range, which was earlier predicted to be 550 km, is now 460 km. “Possible from Amsterdam to London.”

Increase the volume
Heinen sees great potential in electric aircraft. “Currently, 200 million people fly less than 400 kilometers a year. By 2030, when the Mave 01 enters service, there will be more. In the race for sustainable aviation, electric flying is inevitable, he says. “Our aircraft produces zero emissions and is very quiet.”

According to Heinen, technology has improved to provide batteries that extend flight range. The Mave 01 can be fitted with better batteries over time, increasing flight range. “The Mave 01 airframe will basically last about 25 years. During that time, the batteries will be upgraded and the aircraft will be allowed to fly further.

Maeve says they have received orders for twenty planes. Customers include Air Napier (New Zealand) and Dutch start-up Lusi, which wants to fly from Eindhoven Airport and Twente Airport.

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