Max Verstappen and Yuki Tsunoda go to land, sea and air | sports

Why drive forward when you can drive backward? Max Verstappen and his Japanese teammate Yuki Tsunoda recently relived an entertaining piece of Dutch motorsport history at Zandvoort. Just like in the 70’s and 80’s during the show On land, sea and airFormula 1 drivers raced backwards in vintage SUVs.

Thanks to the special Variomatic transmission, cars can drive as fast forward as backward. At that time, it contributed On land, sea and air The most bizarre stunts. With André van Doyen as commentator, this car massacre was often a feast for the eyes.

Now Verstappen and Tsunoda were allowed to enjoy themselves for once. Verstappen took first place in the original 1975 Red Bull Racing DAF, after Tsunoda parked his 1979 Scuderia Alpha Tauri DAF at a wall during qualifying.

Did they make it in one piece and who won in the end? The video will be online from 10 am. Browse again for this article quickly at that time!

Max Verstappen.
Max Verstappen. © Red Bull

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen © Red Bull

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