Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton: “If I had been in his car, the season would have been decided long ago” | motorsports

The title contender who roams around Abu Dhabi quietly and discreetly? forget that. Wherever Max Verstappen goes, the photographers and crew are never far away. However, the Red Bull driver also drives around the Yas Marina Circuit as if all these snoopers do not exist. Focused and relaxed at the same time.

In the run-up to the Formula 1 final, his team is as far away from him as possible. In a private Zoom meeting, Verstappen spoke with no less than sixty journalists. He then frees himself from his TV obligations only with De Telegraaf time for an exclusive interview. One on one, in the back of the Red Bull Racing hospitality area.

I have been in Dubai for a few days this week. Have you calmed down a little?

“Yeah I do. I don’t have a lot of problems with that anyway. Everything that happens on the track doesn’t affect my state of mind once I’m home or anywhere else. I celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday and my sister became a mom for the second time. It was really cool Read these letters and see the pictures of the little boy.”

It looks like the whole of Holland is working on this race and a possible title. Do you get any of that?

“Of course, sometimes I get something. It’s really nice to see. At the same time, I also try not to read too much. That’s why I don’t get everything, but I think this works better. Everyone is looking forward to the final, but I’m getting closer to the prize race. Grand Prix This is just like any other race. I always say, “You can’t force things.” Everyone knows I will do my best and that I will always do my best. I realize that people in Holland generally hope that I win. That is very normal. In England that will be the case For him, too.”

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I noticed you don’t pronounce “Lewis Hamilton” and “Mercedes” anymore.

“That’s right. It happens during a season like this. A lot has happened for it.”

Is it because of the race at Silverstone, when I hit hard after touching Hamilton?

“Not just during that moment, but throughout the season. Some people’s image of me has changed. And no, not in a positive way. I don’t care, it’s not that I hate him. But I’ve seen that when the pressure starts, some people show a different face. Then the true nature shows.” .

Max Verstappen at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Do you think Hamilton is afraid of you?

“He would never admit it. At least I’m not afraid of him. Yes, I think I would make him nervous if he saw me in his mirrors. He’s a different driver than me, less aggressive. He doesn’t know how to race like me. I can’t blame him for that either, because he didn’t He wasn’t able to learn it like I did from my father.”

“He’ll never admit he’s afraid of me, but he’s nervous”

The equal number of points for the last race is almost unique. But do you think you are the best driver?

“I think you should be if you’re a Formula 1 driver. So I say yes, sure! But I don’t need to hear that from anyone else. I don’t need that admission. I find it much more important what I think of myself, and what the people close to me think.” If I had been in his car, the season would have been decided long ago.”

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At Mercedes, they describe you as a super aggressive driver, who will do everything to eliminate Hamilton. Do they have a point?

“I don’t want to take him out, I want to hit him. That’s another formulation. Some people find me aggressive, some are very aggressive and some don’t. I think I’m myself. The last matches I have to defend more, because we’re a little slower. I don’t have the luxury of checking the bullets.” Or drive away now. And yes, I do everything I can to win. If I didn’t think that way, I’d better stay home. If I didn’t have that attitude, we wouldn’t be here on an equal number of points. Then he was already a champion.”

Max Verstappen takes time in Abu Dhabi to speak with reporter Eric van Haren.

Max Verstappen takes time in Abu Dhabi to speak with reporter Eric van Haren.

Do you have any idea that the FIA ​​would prefer Hamilton to win his eighth world title?

“If I look at certain decisions, at least I don’t feel they are on my side. In the last race in Saudi Arabia I was penalized and other drivers don’t even have to approach the hosts after a similar situation. Why is it suddenly different for me? Knowing today, this was The blast in Baku (Verstappen missed a seemingly certain victory, editor) is very painful. In Hungary, his teammate (Valtteri Bottas, editor) beat me and at Silverstone himself. I lost a lot of points there.”

“In England he got a 10-second penalty, but he won the race. Now it seems the FIA ​​is also working on a potential crash, because all of a sudden you are referred to as a driver and you can then get the points deduction. I think that’s silly. Every now and then no, as He was driving my car on purpose. The fuss about the equal number of points doesn’t concern me either. I should have been a champ by now. Let me say I wasn’t happy with the decisions that were made.”

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Who, other than you, would like to have a title the most?

“Anyone who has contributed even a little bit to this can claim it from me. Of course my father for a large part. Thanks to him I am here. Plus Helmut Marko, Christian Horner and my race engineer Gianbeiro; but in fact everyone at Red Bull has meant something to me. It was The Pex family has also been very important to me in the past. They are also here in Abu Dhabi. If it works out, I think it would be great for them too.”

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