Maxima and Zimmerman: Gold alloy?

The Australian label Zimmerman now has a lot of royal names on its customer list. Our beautiful queen is also a fan.

In November 2016, Willem-Alexander and Maxima paid a state visit to Australia. In a free time, they dived together in a Zimmerman boutique. In Western Australian A salesman says more about his special experience. “They’ve been here a long time. He’s been sitting on the couch the whole time. She kept coming out (from the changing room, ed.) All he could say was ‘yes. No. Yes. No.’ She’s usually listened to him, but not always. ”

In the end, five items were sorted, including a mustard yellow dress with a delicate floral print. During a visit to Italy (2017), this dress first came into view.

Photo: PPE

In June 2021, the Queen went to the Eye Film Museum, where we saw him again in this costume.

On December 2, 2017, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited Sint Morton. The visit was mainly dominated by the island’s restoration after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in September of the same year. On the last day, Queen Zimmerman wore a white top with a woven floral design.

During the 74th UN General Assembly in New York (September 2019), Queen Maxima wore a camel-colored dress with Zimmerman’s polka dot print for the first time.

We saw the dress again during a government visit to Indonesia in March 2020.

During the state visit to India (2019), a Zimmerman came back into the picture. This method is designed with large puff sleeves and long row buttons.

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We also saw this beautiful example during a state visit to Indonesia in March 2020.

During the 2021 summer photo shoot, the Queen wore a yellow Zimmerman palm print dress.

We saw this dress again during the Dutch Grand Prix in September 2021, where Max Verstappen won.

Finally, we saw this dress again during the UN visit to Senegal in June 2022.

During a holiday in Greece, a bikini from the Australian label also came into view, but you understand: we do not show those pictures here due to privacy.

Hope to see the Queen often in the dresses on the label. Do you believe? Or rather not Zimmerman?

Photos © PPE

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