Máxima at Nikkie Tutorials on her favorite music: ‘Please take a little salsa. Or rock ‘| Eurovision Song Contest 2021

High visit by Nikkie de Jager at her Song Festival series LookLab, as she transports viewers into a world Reed is a decorative material On luster Eurovision Song Contest. Queen Maxima is housed in the studio today. In the interview, the YouTuber, who is also a sponsor of the Singing Festival, spoke to the Queen about the importance of music.

Maxima traveled to Ahoy as part of Mir Music in De Class, one of the social partners of the Eurovision Song Contest. She knows the power of music like no other. For example, Dutch songs helped the Argentine-born Queen master the Dutch language well.

Precisely one specific number He was duplicated with her: 15 million people Van Fleitsma and Van Teigen. “This was one of the first songs I listened to, and I learned from it the most. The song says a lot about Dutch culture,” says Maxima, when Nikki asked her about her favorite music. According to the Queen, Dutch music does well for language learning, because words are often repeated. “I collected as many Dutch songs as possible and listened to them as much as possible.”

Moreover, her musical preference depends on her state of mind. “If I want a little cheer, I like listening to salsa or tango music.” If Máxima wants to rethink the old days, she loves listening to pop and rock music from the 1980s, she says.

Earlier in the day, Maxima watched a class at Rotterdam School in the final rehearsal for the second semi-final, which will take place tonight.

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2021-05-20 13:24:49 Rotterdam – Queen Maxima during a visit to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam Ahoy. © ANP

Seventeen countries are competing for ten first places in the Grand Final on Saturday.

Follow our live blog And do not miss the opportunity to enter the second semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Queen Maxima at LookLab with Nikkie de Jager.

Queen Maxima at LookLab with Nikkie de Jager. © YouTube Eurovision Song Contest

Watch the show and entertainment videos below.

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