Maxime Meilland on the move again: ‘It’s a bit small’ | to watch

Maxime and her boyfriend Leroy bought an elegant home in Noordwijk at the beginning of this year. The country house was equipped with every luxury, and Maxim’s daughter, Claire, had a private bathroom and toilet, next to her bedroom. In a video the reality star recently posted on Instagram, she cheered up the house and said how happy she was with her own wardrobe.

But despite the fact that Maxim was very fond of her mansion, she found out that there was a lack of space. On a talk show jink, where the Meilandjes family were guests last night, said her first home purchase was mainly due to her “laxity” and “naivety”. Then you come into a house like this and think: Girl, what beautiful spots, what beautiful, everything is beautiful and narrow and those taps are all golden. But then, never think: Where do I put my vacuum cleaner or drying rack? And at some point we found out, yeah, it’s pretty small after all.”

The lack of space and the arrival of daughter VivĂ© Maxime and Leroy made the decision to look for a new home. So when a villa in Noordwijk was offered for sale, which also fulfilled their wishes, the couple agreed. “Then we thought: Let’s do it anyway.”

According to the site famous neighbors Maxime and Leroy bought their spacious mansion for 1,250,000 euros. The plot area is about 285 square meters and there is also enough space inside. The house has seven bedrooms, one of which has been converted into a bar.

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Maxime and Leroy can’t just fill moving boxes again. Martien and Erica also recently announced that they are leaving their multi-million dollar villa in Noordwijk. They say they have a lot of problems with fans and are looking for something with more privacy.

“This house is very busy, every day people are at the door and some people don’t care about the fence. We’ll be staying in Noordwijk. We’ve seen a house you can’t see from the road, so with a driveway and for sale again!” Martin said during a big party in honor of his 60th birthday! ”

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