Maxime Milland on Leroy: ‘It was love at first sight’

In a Q&A on Instagram, Maxime and Leroy talked about the evolution of their relationship. Maxim was immediately a guest at the hotel, she even remembers what he was wearing when they first met. For Leroy, the fork is slightly different in shank. “It took a while. When I saw you for the first time, I immediately found you very interesting.”

Leroy and Maxime got to know each other when Leroy came to play at the Palais de France. Then he had to return to Holland. “Then it goes down a bit. Why would you live in France, too?” According to Leroy, the click was right there. “That first night I was there.”

Leroy immediately finds Maxim interesting and cautiously talks about “love at first sight”, but also immediately sorts it out. It took some time before the two got into a relationship. “I persevered like this,” Maxime jokes. “If you want something…go for it,” adds Leroy.

Maxim’s friend needs to “move on,” he says. According to the daughter of Martien and Erica, Leroy is more like a Libra. “It’s hard for you to make decisions.” Fortunately, Maxim can. “If we are like this, you will not get anything in life.”

Maxime may have left France, but the Meiland family is still the proud owner of Chateau Marillaux. You can see more about it in the video below.

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