Maxime Milland Responds to Web Store Accusation of ‘Plagiarism’: ‘I don’t have an original clothing line’ | to watch

Maxime Milland is not only busy with her newborn daughter, but the blonde has also launched her own online store. The website, Villa Vito, sells children’s clothing for little ones. After the launch, the Meiland scion was accused of plagiarism. On Instagram, she lets you see how the thorn is in the trunk.

“I get a lot of emails and messages that this is not true and that I don’t have an original clothing line at all,” the blonde said on Instagram. “That’s right, Villa Vito is an online store, I’ve always said that.” Therefore, the new mom does not understand that people think it is a self-produced clothing line. “I just buy clothes, just like any web store,” Maxim says.

Her story concludes, “I hope people who love her can go shopping and enjoy it, because that’s all there is to it in the end.”


Last year, the Meiland scion launched his own clothing line, called Monciel. But the jackets and jackets of bright colors were not as successful as they were run It is very easy to order via AliExpress online store. To make matters worse, part of the stock was damaged by a small flood after moving to Hengelo in Gelderland. She admitted that Maxime had been working at Monciel for a year and a half beautiful world.

“It was really annoying,” she says. “I lost more than half a ton. This was partly because of the media and partly. I deliberately chose to adapt an existing batch from the manufacturer, because I found it intimidating to start from scratch. According to the media, it was not acceptable, and it went viral in every country. place. I blame myself for the failure, because I chose the simple way. ” She also announced that she will never produce anything herself again.

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