May this year be less collisions and more rapprochement | pole

Drink less, go outside more often. Less screen time, more reading. Clichéd Resolutions, which I can also start any other day of the year. For this reason I prefer now to write my wishes to the community, to which we should all relate. What can we change together in 2023?

For starters, we can give each other a little more space. For example, let others get off a train, tram, or supermarket before you enter yourself. We must also continue to create space for people in need, stop talking about refugee flows, and treat refugees in need humanely at all times.

Then digital opinion will circulate, especially on moribund Twitter. We like to voice our opinion unsolicited and expect people to wait for it. We send ourselves misfortune, but we can no longer receive critics who do not like us and we unceremoniously block them. But surely it should be possible to disagree peacefully?

Let’s stop defining their acquaintances with their opinions. We all have conflicting thoughts and feelings, which often don’t fit into one political box. You are also not the party you vote for, especially as voters change their preferences more and more. You can also learn a lot from your ideological opponents.

Talk about politics. I find it shocking that MPs would rather attack and demonize each other personally, rather than discuss the content. After all, a smooth riot has a greater impact on the image. But then one should not be surprised that angry citizens can no longer separate the function of a politician from a person.

Don’t group Media or Master Media with the same brush. These terms are used by people who never open a newspaper and cannot tell. There are quality newspapers and sensational websites, and there are in-depth documentaries and sketchy talk shows. Keep clicking his toes, but please be specific.

I’m also tired of opinion makers shouting on a big platform that they can’t say anything anymore, but keep spreading their insulting rhetoric. The concept of abolition is now so eroded that it no longer has any real impact. After a few weeks, the fans forgot about all the fuss, and it was the next person’s turn.

Let’s not quarantine each other on social media anyway. Most people deserve a second chance and can learn from their mistakes. Give both of you the benefit of the doubt and occasionally mention what someone does well. Can we also be happy with the success of others, and not wait enviously for someone to go down?

I’m especially hoping for a year with fewer collisions and more closeness. Those are good intentions that benefit everyone.

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