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OSS – The 25 Chinese-made surveillance cameras that Oss owns in public places cannot be used by parties other than the municipality to collect information. Mayor Wobine Buijs wrote this in response to questions from GroenLinks.

A month ago, NOS located the cameras of the Hikvision and Dahua brands in the Netherlands. Among other things, it was found that the municipality of Os uses cameras of the last brand. The use of this equipment is controversial, as there will be a risk that the Chinese government will request and use the images for spying purposes at any time. Smart cameras can also provide access to government organizations’ networks.

At checkpoints and payment stations

GroenLinks in Oss wanted to know, among other things, exactly where the cameras are, how they are used and how much it costs to replace them with other brands. According to Mayor Puig, cameras are mainly used in barriers and payment terminals in the basements of car parks and car parks. Jurgensplein in the center is one of those areas. Here people pay for parking time afterwards.

Buijs says cameras are in place to record malfunctions in the system. It is not connected to the municipal network and the hard disk recorder on which the images are cached is not of Dahua brand. According to her, there is no risk that producers can obtain privacy-sensitive information through the cameras.

Replacement costs at least a ton

So there are no plans to replace the cameras with other non-Chinese versions. The costs of such an intervention are estimated at between 100,000 and 125,000 euros. The costs are very high because the cameras are part of an integrated system that must be completely replaced.

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