Mayor opens a pedestrian bridge that collapses again on the spot: eight injured | Abroad

The suspension bridge has recently been renovated with wood floor planks and metal chains along the sides. Mayor José Luis Oriostegui has been given the task of reallocating the bridge. The ceremony was attended by many local officials, including city council members from the city south of Mexico City, and the local press.

Videos circulating on social media show a large group of people walking across the bridge. The bridge is over a stream. Suddenly the metal plates on one side of the bridge separate from the metal and the ground immediately sinks. The people who stood on the bridge at that moment all fell about three meters away and landed firmly on the rocky surface.

Eight people were forced to go to hospital for treatment. Many have suffered broken bones, according to Enrique Clemente, the head of the state’s civil defense office. The mayor’s wife and several reporters, among others, were said to have been standing on the bridge at the time of the collapse. The mayor himself was unharmed.

The pass was part of a walk along one of the city’s many creeks.

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