Mazepin may still be a Formula 1 driver, but under a neutral flag

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The International Motorsports Federation (FIA) announced after an emergency meeting on Tuesday that Haas’ Russian driver Nikita Mazepin remains welcome in Formula 1 for the time being.

Mazepin is no longer allowed to fly under the Russian flag, he is currently driving under the FIA ​​flag. This also applies to all other drivers from Russia and Belarus in other FIA categories. So there is no question of comment.

Pressure continued on the FIA ​​to ban Mazepin as sports federations called for Russian athletes to be banned over the attack on Ukraine. Earlier, the FIA ​​decided that the Sochi Grand Prix would not be held next season “under the current conditions”.

Mazepin made his Formula 1 debut last year and finished 21st in the World Cup.

View the statement from the FIA ​​below.

Russian signatures and emblems gave way to the pristine white. But as far as the cars look now, the Formula 1 team itself isn’t far away yet. Haas says the team will decide this week what to do with the sponsorship deal with the Russian company.

  • France Press agency

    Haas car before transformation
  • professional shots

    Now the car is covered in pristine white

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