McKelley agrees with PSV goal after reviewing photos: ‘Not immediately punished’

FC Utrecht goalkeeper Martin Paes had his doubts about the third goal he should have conceded against PSV Eindhoven, but Danny McClei decided to convert Ritso Doan’s goal well after looking at the photos. Dordrecht’s guide will provide text and explanation afterwards.

Duane advanced from the right, with Utrecht full-back Arthur Zagreb in front of him, and looked for the short corner: Eric Gutierrez was offside on the shot path, but McKelley saw no reason to block the goal. “I went to have a look, and in fact we see there also what we saw on the pitch and what was shown on the screens in the stadium. You see, the moment the PSV Eindhoven player shoots, Zagre is actually the one who does it. From the goalkeeper’s point of view, the goalkeeper is basically suffers from this.” ESPN.

McKelley says Gutierrez didn’t get in the way. “The moment the ball gets past Zagrey, Gutierrez is actually out of the shot line,” the captain said. “It goes out of the keeper’s field of vision and allows a lot more room to look. Not every player in the shot trajectory is also penalized right away. This also depends on the distance to the keeper.

So Duane stayed 3-1 in place. Eindhoven eventually won 4-1 against the Utrecht guests.

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