McKenzie Scott claims to have donated $ 4.2 billion to the charity

McKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of CEO Jeff Bezos, has given away $ 4.2 billion in assets over the past four months, according to a blog post. Scott said he accelerated his charitable donations due to the “destroying ball” effect of the corona virus, which “significantly increased the wealth of millionaires”.

Scott is one of those millionaires International spread Paralyzed the United States in March. His fortune is now valued at more than $ 60 billion, indicating an increase of nearly $ 24 billion since the beginning of the year. According to To the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

His fortune is largely tied to the fortunes of, whose shares have risen 67% this year as more consumers buy online due to the epidemic. Scott’s charitable contributions are coming on her heels Signing the Pledge of Allegiance, A philanthropic campaign founded in 2019 by renowned investor Warren Buffett, promised to donate most of his wealth for various reasons during his lifetime.

Sean Benn J / P Hro Gala: A gala dinner that benefits the alliance of the J / P Haitian Relief Organization and the Disaster Relief Organization
McKenzie Scott at a fundraising exhibition on January 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

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Scott Announced In a post in the Medium on Tuesday, he recently donated charitable gifts, writing that he was inspired by grassroots efforts to help people in need, such as social fridges and “person-to-person Venmo gifts”. Scott said he started by looking at 6,490 systems, and later said his list was “high potential for impact” for 384 companies.

Many organizations, such as food banks, address basic needs, while others focus on what Scott calls “long-term systemic imbalances deepened by the crisis.” Beneficiaries:

  • More than 40 food banks in the United States, from the Central California Food Bank to the Vermont Food Bank
  • Goodwill Hawaii and Hartland Goodwill, more than 40 goodwill partners
  • Meals on Wheels 30 member programs like Meals on Wheels South Florida and Meals on Wheels Atlanta
  • Educational institutions including New York City University Lehman College and Baltimore Morgan State University

“We shared each of our gift results over the phone with program leaders for the first time, and we welcome them to finance anything they believe will best help their efforts,” he wrote. “Responses from callers often include personal stories and tears.”

“Acts of Mercy”

Scott’s approach to charity is remarkable – and not just in terms of rewards, said Chuck Collins, director of the charity reform initiative for policy research. Collins, the heir to the Oscar mayor food empire, has given most of his wealth to himself.

“Scott, a newcomer to the millionaire wealth scene, has surrounded himself with advisers from underprivileged communities, not everyone who usually sits in the basement boards,” Collins said in an email statement.

Bezos to fund the fight against climate change


He added, “As a result, it is acts of compassion during these epidemics – food banks, direct social service organizations, emergency finance and support services for the most vulnerable.”

This is not the first time Scott has given up a portion of his wealth. In July, she said Donated $ 1.7 billion His personal fortune for charity. Those gifts were sent to organizations that pledged to promote racial and gender equality, economic movement, public health, climate change and more.

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