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World Championship – Short CourseSwimmer Maggie McNeil snatched the world record set by Keira Toussaint in the 50m short backstroke at the World Championships. The new world champion from Canada passed both sessions in 25.27 seconds.

Toussaint reached 25.60 in November 2020 and MacNeil was well below that. Her compatriot Kylie Maas stayed above 25.62. Toussaint himself did not reach the final battle in Abu Dhabi. After a long season, the tube was empty.

Maaike de Waard (25.99) finished fifth in the final. I can’t be more than satisfied and am happy with my own race. You go for a medal and then swim under 26 seconds a second time,” says De Ward.

Pijnenburg to the last king’s number

Swimmer Stan Begenberg qualified for the King’s number final in the short course world championships, 100 meters freestyle, on Monday. Pijnenburg finished at the Etihad Stadium in Abu Dhabi after 46.60 seconds and thus scored for the seventh time. “This was the best race of the week,” Bennenburg said. I knew there had to be a step compared to the series. My tactics were the same as in the European Championships in the 200m freestyle. I left very quickly, then they should come and take me.”

Arno Kamenga competed from seventh to the final of the 50m breaststroke (26.21). Turk Hüseyin Saki won the first semi-final, but was disqualified, so Kamenga did not have to finish swimming with Austrian Bernhard Richhammer.

Another final for chromojugo

Ranomi Kromovidjogo may also return on Tuesday on the final day of the tournament for a final. With 23.54, the 50-meter butterfly world champion qualified for third place for the 50-meter freestyle final. Great race. Tomorrow. Then we’ll really speed up,” says Cromo. Kim Busch (24.43) is eliminated as number fifteen.

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Tessa Gilly did not make it to the final fight in the 100m butterfly. She was in 12th place with 56.88. It was a good day for Jill, because in the series she actually sharpened her PR to 57.24. I wanted to get that number “56”. That’s busy.”

world titles

Nils Korstanje is number six in the world in the 50-meter butterfly. He finished 22.39 in the final, 0.04 above the Dutch record that swam in Amsterdam at the end of October. “It was a great race. The fastest so far and the two best places in the series. The difference between them was not huge.” The world title went to 41-year-old Brazilian Nicolas Santos with a score of 21.93.

Japan’s Daya Seto won the gold for the fifth time in the 400-meter medley. The silver medal went to Russia’s Ilya Borodin in a junior world record. Russia and the United States shared the gold medal in the men’s 4x50m medley in a championship record.

In the morning, Marit Steenburgen swam for the 10th time in the 200-meter individual medley of the series. With 2.08.74 she was short 0.14 for a place in the final, which was won by Canadian Sidney Bikrim later in the day. China Yiting Yu ranked second in the junior world record. Her compatriot Qianting Tang won the 100m breaststroke to set an Asian record.

At the conclusion of the fifth swimming day in the UAE, there was almost a Canadian world record on Monday. The difference was 0.11 in the women’s 4 x 200 meters freestyle. The Netherlands have been ranked world number one since the 2014 World Cup in Doha. Inge Decker, Fimki Heemskerk, Ranomy Kromovedjogo and Sharon van Rowendal swam together 7.32.85 minutes ago seven years ago.

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