Meanwhile F1 | From the old days: Verstappen and Alban on scooters in Australia

In between all the important news Grand Prix weekend you may miss a few things. No worries, F1 max All the sentiments and nonsense in the ‘Onderdussen in …’ section from the world of Formula 1 will inform you

From the old days: Verstappen and Alban on scooters in Australia

It would not have escaped anyone now, Formula 1 season would not start in Australia this year. The race is still scheduled for the end of the year. Many more teams are paying tribute to the Grand Prix online, including Red Bull. They put back the race that Alexander Alban and Max Verstappen had before the Grand Prix, which was canceled last year.

Bodas completes Shadow for Arctic Rally Lapland

The Valteri Botas Arctic Rally starts tomorrow with Lapland. This Finnish Formula 1 driver has become a tradition. This year he will participate again and perform with the old WRC material. This time he is at the start in a car called the Citroen DS3WRC, which competed in the World Championships until 2016.

Red Bull shares first pit stop within 2 seconds

Red Bull Racing has long been known for its lightning fast pit stops. The team also set a world record last season. But the dominance of the pit path has been going on for a very long time, and already in 2013 the Austrian team was able to stop the pit within two seconds. The team proudly shares its video.

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Aston Martin shares a snapshot of the first Grand Prix car

Aston Martin has shared a photo of the team’s first Grand Prix car on Twitter. At the time, the car was fitted with a 55hp engine and could go up to 137km / h. The regulations at the time required a mechanic to drive with the driver, which is why two people can be found in the car.

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Raikonan’s Snowman had a tough night

The snowman that Kimi R்கikknen created in his garden seems to have had a very hard night. Finn posts a photo on his Instagram story that shows the snowman coming back. Whether he recovers depends on the snowfall.

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FIA chief Todd Tucker visits: ‘This unique rally is true to tradition’

The FIA ​​chief on Thursday visited Tucker’s last stage in Saudi Arabia. The Frenchman writes on Twitter: ‘I am delighted to be in Tucker today to exchange ideas with organizers and encourage drivers and teams. This unique and updated rally is true to its heritage. ‘

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Crosszine delivers pizzas on ice

Romain Grosjean now has his hands completely under control, not sitting still. For example, you can see him in the gym on Wednesdays and serve pizzas in the snow on Thursdays. The Frenchman posted a photo on Instagram in which he is well dressed against the cold.

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