Measures against high concentrations of mercury vapor over Paramaribo North

The Suriname Public Prosecution Office (OM) will take measures against the high concentration of mercury vapor over Paramaribo-North in connection with the fight against environmental crime.

Research by NIMOS has established that a high concentration of mercury vapor is present over Paramaribo-North. It also appears that the permits of gold buying companies are not subject to any environmental conditions.

As a result, we are now dealing with a high concentration of mercury vapor over Paramaribo North. Only a few companies take the environmental aspect into consideration and have taken the necessary measures.

High levels of mercury vapor can have far-reaching consequences for the environment and human health, leading to kidney failure and unhealthy deliveries.

The Suriname Public Prosecution Service will join forces with all actors who can help contain this type of environmental crime. Soon there will be a table with these actors.

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