Meedema talks about equal payments

The skewed ratio is evident when it comes to income between women’s and men’s soccer. This is how Leek Martens earns year A sum of half a million and Frenkie de Jong is allowed to add sixteen million euros to his account every year. Arsenal striker Vivian Miedema wants to see that gap narrow in the future.

Vivianne Miedma: ‘Women’s football is not there yet’

The Oranje Leeuwinnen international, who is now suffering from a serious injury, talks about ‘Football is Life’.Equal payment‘: “At the moment when people are present”Equal pay‘, I’m just saying: the moment we have to earn it, we have to bring it. Football must be played with 60,000 spectators at the Emirates Stadium every week. We’re not there yet. But I see myself as part of a generation working toward that goal. Look, it’s not there yet, we also have to be realistic in the end, and we need people who are really passionate. But if we change that, it will eventually move toward equal pay. 50-50”, says Miedema.

Sponsorship agreement between FIFA and Arabs

Miedema also speaks negatively about FIFA: “Our World Cup will be in Australia/New Zealand next summer and FIFA had the idea to use Saudi. Sponsorship To be the main sponsor of the World Cup. This is completely contrary to what we stand for as a community of women.

Pressure from the players has confirmed that FIFA has pulled cooperation: “In the end New Zealand and Australia jointly made a statement, which I signed, and we don’t want to be associated with it. “It came out today that the sponsorship deal is void, which is very important for every team that goes there in the end,” concludes the Orange Lions striker.

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