Megan rules out participation in the reality show: “But I really like it”

On the latest episode of the podcast, which aired on Tuesday, Meghan spoke with talk show host Andy Cohen, creator of the series about wealthy housewives.

Megan as a new team member

Cohen told her that many fans of the reality series were hoping Meghan would become a new cast member because she lives in California and has fallen out of the British royal family with her husband.

“No reality show”

The Duchess replied with a laugh and said she had never heard that before. “There won’t be a reality show,” she later said, “but I really like it.”

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Documentary series

People who want to get to know Meghan a little better will have that opportunity with the previously announced Netflix documentary series. According to US media, it can be seen from December 8th. The streaming service has not officially announced a release date. The series will be called Seasons, but sources tell the site that the couple has chosen a different title. Harry and Meghan signed a contract with Netflix in 2020 for multiple projects. For the documentary, the two were followed through their lives in California.

The Crown throws a spanner in the works

Initially, the documentaries were expected to be shown on the streaming service in December, but Netflix decided to postpone the release date after much criticism of the new season of The Crown. For example, former UK Prime Minister John Major found the new series “a load of nonsense” and Dame Judi Dench said the storylines in the new season of The Crown were “terribly wrong”. Netflix has repeatedly confirmed that The Crown is a “fantasy dramatization” of the British royal family. In the ten new episodes, the 1990s are discussed, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced.

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