Meghan’s official spokesperson confirms correspondence with Charles

Meghan’s spokesperson confirmed that after her interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, there was an exchange of letters between her and King Charles, who was then a prince. The spokesman denies that Prince Harry’s wife did not attend Charles’s coronation on May 6 because of the messages. According to the spokesperson, those rumors are “ridiculous”, and she will remain in the United States because her son Archie celebrates his fourth birthday that day.

Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday that Charles wrote to her because he was saddened by the rift that broke out between Meghan, his son and the royal family. Charles was sorry that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said in the interview with Winfrey that, among other things, someone within the royal family had speculated about the skin color of their baby during Meghan’s pregnancy. The Duchess allegedly replied that she did not intend to accuse anyone of racism.

A spokesperson for Meghan said in a statement to People magazine, among others, that she is not involved in the correspondence. “The Duchess of Sussex lives in the present and doesn’t consider correspondence from two years ago about conversations from four years ago. Any other suggestion is completely wrong and ridiculous.”

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