Melissa (45) is hardly welcome anywhere because her face is full of tattoos | abroad

As if she was going to buy a loaf of bread … Melissa Sloan (45) has a new tattoo that gets done about three times a week, including on her face. The other side of the coin is that British women are hardly welcome anywhere because they look so intimidating.

For example, she was only allowed to watch her daughter’s school play outside, through a window in her classroom. In the end, I refused this proposal, because it was too humiliating.

There must be curses in the street

Sloan estimates that about eight hundred tattoos now “adorn” her body. You find it a shame to be treated differently because of this. “If the school organizes something – a birthday party for example – I won’t be invited. My partner Luke always has to go alone. I’m so jealous of that, but I have no other choice. I know what parents and teachers think of me.”

On the street, Sloane hears necessary curses. It became impossible to find a job, and even the owners of the cafes made it clear that its presence was not desirable. “They all think it’s offensive, but I don’t care about it anymore.”

However, the woman from Powys (Wales) is now going to take a short break for tattooing. “I’m going to be spending time with family. My kids are first now, I don’t want to be selfish. But once the holidays are over, my boyfriend will be allowed to get new tattoos again. I can’t wait,” Sloan concludes.

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