Memphis Depay not yet working on Qatar: ‘as a footballer you live in the moment’

No, he hasn’t yet seen any pictures of Norway’s rise in Gibraltar on Wednesday. Memphis Depay heard that the T-shirt-wearing Norwegians drew attention to observance of human rights, and it was clear that they had focused on the situation in Qatar.

“It’s a statement. There are other ways too. We want to see what we can do with other countries. It’s also better than everyone shouting something out,” says Depay of KNVB’s campus in Zeest. He just finished a weightlifting room session. “It makes sense that there are questions about Qatar, but there have been other tournaments in countries where bad things happen. Now that’s under a magnifying glass.”

The Dutch national team has come under fire this week because the position of national coach Frank de Boer and captain Jorginho Wijnaldum on the questionable World Cup in Qatar next year would have been very weak. There are no concrete initiatives by Orange yet. Human rights organizations believe that if players of international standing, such as Depay, speak out forcefully, it could affect the Qatari government.

Background transfer problems

“We definitely have a voice,” says Depay. “But I also live a lot at this moment. In France my team-mates in Lyon have not heard about this either. Not even other soccer stars. It can be difficult to understand if you are not a footballer, but we live in the moment, this is our focus.” .

Where is his interest now? Transport risks play in the background. The transfer of former national coach Ronald Koeman to Barcelona is practically complete, according to Catalan media, although Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus have also been mentioned as favorites to take over the 27-year-old striker from Olympique Lyonnais this summer.

But his first concern now is in the game Orange, and in particular, how this can be improved. On Wednesday, a big mistake happened in Turkey (4-2). That same evening, treatment began on board the flight back to the Netherlands. Debay: We were very disappointed, it made us feel sad. It needs a few scoops on top. The quality, sharpness and specific details should be improved. We agree on that. Fortunately, we can respond already on Saturday. “

Aren’t these oranges very sweet?

He himself had yet to excel under Frank de Boer as he thrived under Coman. Depay privately thinks hIt needs to become more efficient. His free kicks missed the goal and he couldn’t even get a penalty. In the field, the internationals were unable to correct each other. Isn’t that orange a little sweet and too cute for each other and opponent? Depay: “We are really honest with each other. This group can say anything to each other. Some things you don’t even have to say. We shouldn’t be talking to each other now that it’s been an exciting match. I saw that ball from Matthijs (de Ligt). (Editor) crossed the line and even then 3-0 we looked at each other like: We still believe in it.

However, the dull appearance of Orange contrasts sharply with the winning mentality of Turks. Wijnaldum said on Wednesday evening that Turkey’s will seemed greater than his team’s will. But a true captain on the field to light a fire, this Dutch team doesn’t seem to have it. Depay admits that still injured Virgil van Dyck is missing. “Sure. But Virgil can’t do it alone either. Everyone has to be a captain. Yes, that could be better. This leadership is now basically with the boys who have the most international matches. By training each other, I think the boys.” The little ones are still able to make progress. ”

In the World Cup qualifying series, the Netherlands will host Latvia at the Johan Cruyff Arena on Saturday, followed by a trip to Gibraltar on Tuesday. Depay: “The atmosphere at check-in is more than good.”

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