Menstruation-friendly workplace: ‘I suffered from my complaints’

Claudia den Bogter (51) is in menopause and sleeps poorly. Due to this, she could not do her work, for which she got out of bed at 3:45 am. It was a step for her to raise the issue with her boss. “For my work at Bromen, I transport people with physical or mental disabilities. For example, people who work at PostNL and start early. That’s why I always start early.”

Bad sleep

Before her period, this was not a problem for her. “But now I’m sleeping because I’m sleeping badly. You don’t really want to throw that kind of information on the table, like menstrual complaints. It’s often seen as a women’s problem, and I’m working on a man’s problem. The world.”

Nevertheless, on the advice of colleagues, he decided to raise it with his manager. “I never got sick, I never had problems with my period, but my complaints hit me. After I raised it, it was immediately taken into account and I was given different working hours.”

She hopes more women will dare to discuss it. “It’s now often seen as taboo or a woman’s thing, women fear being fired or seeing mad faces. Fortunately, my request was answered, which is still not done enough by employers in my opinion.”

Desiree Dejuis also thinks that many companies in the transition sector should still be profitable. As a menopause counselor, she helps women who are going through menopause. “Women experience mood complaints, hot flushes and therefore withdrawal from work,” Eddy tells NL. “They are often tired and less focused or irritable. Many people immediately think of burning complaints because there is still a barrier in this regard.”

Don’t complain

In practice, he meets many women who do not take him seriously. “In the Netherlands, the mentality prevails: you have to get over it, don’t complain. Fortunately, there are companies that offer workshops and check-ups for employees. For example, at Achmea Zilveren Kruis you can get advice. If you encounter complaints, the girl.”

She wants to encourage discussion about women in the workplace. “If you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t do anything about it.” When there are actually solutions. “Various changes are possible in the workplace, such as a quieter working environment, fixing desks and serving healthy food in the canteen.”

Because menopause should not be underestimated. “Your mood, your sense of happiness, your body, everything changes. The solution in the workplace starts with awareness.”

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