MEP Eva Kaili pleads partial guilt and admits her father is hiding six tons

Eva Kaili, one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament, admitted that she was aware of

Eva Kaili, one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament, admitted that she was aware of “cases of money being passed through her apartment,” reports the Belgian magazine Knack.Image Vladimir Reis / Getty Images

That writes the Belgian media talent And the le bracelet and the Italian newspaper La Republica Based on court documents they said they saw. On Friday 9 December, Italian Francesco Giorgi, Cayley’s partner and advisor in the European Parliament, was arrested in Brussels. Kylie panicked after that, the Belgian and Italian media write.

She asked her father to hide the money. He was subsequently arrested at the Sofitel Hotel in Brussels. Kylie, who is also in custody, admitted to police that she was aware of the “bags of cash that ran through her apartment,” according to the release. talent Based on court documents. previously wrote le bracelet That Giorgi also admitted his participation in bribery by Qatar and Morocco.

Orchestra leader

to me talent By the way, the Belgian judiciary considers not Kylie, but the former member of the European Parliament Pierre Antonio Panzieri, to be the “orchestra leader” in the scandal. The police were going to find six tons of cash in his apartment in Brussels.

to me talent Panziri was also said to have “partially” admitted that he had been bribed by Qatar and Morocco. Belgian MP Marc Tarabella was also accused of accepting “gifts” from Qatar, he said talent. Trabella denies these allegations.

The former socialist and trade unionist Panziri was a Member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2019. Francesco Giorgi was his assistant for some time. After Panziri lost his seat in parliament, he founded Fight Impunity, an organization that claims to promote human rights. He recruited big European names such as Federica Mogherini, the former foreign president of the European Union, and Bernard Cazeneuve, the former prime minister of France, to the board of directors. They have since resigned from their position.

According to various media, including the French newspaper Le Monde However, the organization acted as a conduit for bribes from Qatar and Morocco. Daniel Freund, a member of the European Parliament from the German Green Party, explains that this case illustrates how insufficient moral oversight is within the European Union.

In 2020, the fight against impunity was reviewed by the European Commission’s Ethics Committee, according to Freund. It found that “Fighting Impunity” was not included in the EU lobbying register, but was satisfied with the promise that the organization would soon register. However, this never happened.

Von der Leyen’s promise

According to Freund, the case shows that the European Commission must hurry to fulfill a promise President Ursula von der Leyen already made when she took office in 2019: an independent ethics commission for all European institutions.

A lack of proper control, Freund says, allowed Panziri to move forward. le bracelet And the La Republica I watched police wiretaps purporting to show Panziri’s wife and daughter collected money in Morocco. At one tap, Moroccan diplomat Abderrahim Atmon, with whom Panziri was in close contact, said he had put “products” in Panziri’s wife’s bag.

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