Meppel gives way to asylum seekers: 110 people on a boat in Meppelerdiep | Head Overijssel

A maximum of 110 asylum seekers will live on a boat not yet docked at Meppelerdiep in Meppel. This was announced by Mayor Richard Cortland.

This is an emergency crisis shelter site. The intent is to get people on board as quickly as possible, but this should be done by early November at the latest.

The boat will be docked at Meppelerdiep near Handelsweg. The government required 25 security districts to establish 450 temporary shelters each. “In Drenthe, it was agreed that every municipality would contribute to this task,” Mayor Cortland says. Locals and businesses in the vicinity of Handelsweg were informed of the reception by letter this afternoon.

The municipality has already taken in about a hundred asylum seekers on another boat. This caused some problems: some residents went on a hunger strike because of what they saw as poor treatment by the IND.

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