May 25, 2024


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Mercedes chief reveals: “Red Bull approached 100 of our employees” | sport

Mercedes chief reveals: "Red Bull approached 100 of our employees" |  sport

With Honda retired, Red Bull will build the same engine for next season. Mercedes is the ultimate Formula 1 king at this, and team leader Christian Horner must have thought as well. After Chief Mechanical Engineering Ben Hodgkinson took over from Mercedes, Red Bull took the lead this week Few technicians are still far from the big competitor.

Partly because the Japanese are often known to be employer-loyal, and a large number of employees will have to relocate to the factory in Milton Keynes, Red Bull Racing is looking a door further afield. “It’s pretty straightforward. If you want to start your own engine factory in the UK, you have to look at the people in the area and it will automatically come to us,” says Wolf.

“We have about 900 employees and if he takes over 15 of them, that’s very normal. But they are mainly looking for employees who work in production, not development. I think they want to build their own business. But I respect the project, it’s like they’re going to climb Mount Everest. I’m looking forward to a duel with engines.” Red Bull “. How many of its employees have contacted Red Bull? “I think they approached about 100 people, and they brought maybe 15 of them.”

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