‘Mercedes comes to Australia GP with new rear wings and floor upgrades’

Mercedes is coming this weekend with the new rear wings for the W13 for the Australian Grand Prix. Said Mark Hughes The official site of Formula 1Renowned motorsport journalist is also counting many upgrades to the car.

Upstairs there are also updates, says the Englishman. They will be the first updates as part of a development plan to unleash the true potential of the W13. Mercedes finds that it is not yet fully used, which is why updates are the only solution to reunite with the best teams Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

Mercedes is looking for solutions to porpoising

However, updates will only count as a first step, because to solve the W13’s aerodynamic problems, Mercedes will have to dig a lot deeper. Especially Porposing The current Constructors are smashing into the champion. Due to the high speed jumping event, the silver arrows have to be placed high enough to resist the car.

This in turn ensures that the downforce is lost and the car stays very slow on the straights because the higher the car the higher the air resistance it creates. A rear producing lower downforce was already operating in the Jetta, but it was not yet optimized and ready for the first race in Bahrain. In Australia, Mercedes will again come with such a rear wing – it is completely ready to use.

Mercedes may come with updates to the W13’s site, but Hughes did not disclose what the updates will be. The journalist did not rule out the possibility that the floor would have to be completely redesigned to deal with aerodynamic problems. However, that would not have happened before the Australian Grand Prix. When is the question.

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