Mercedes continues to worry about engine reliability

The Mercedes Formula 1 team is hoping Lewis Hamilton will reach the end of the season without any engine problems. The power source in the German racing stable does not excel in reliability this season. “It’s a job that balances power and reliability at the end of the season. Not finishing a race once due to an engine failure could be disastrous for the championship,” says Chief Strategy Officer James Fowles of the German racing stable.

Hamilton had to come off the grid at the Turkish Grand Prix after swapping out key components for his engine for the fourth time. The world champion may have to do it again at one of the next races to allay concerns about the reliability of his engine. This could mean the penalty for the new network. A driver may use three motorcycles per season without penalties.

Teammate Valtteri Bottas is already working on his sixth bike. He had to get back on the grid again at the US Grand Prix last Sunday. “That was a pain for the Austin race, but it will reap the benefits of the improved engine in the next races,” said Fowles.

Hamilton is in a fierce battle with Max Verstappen for the world title. The season includes five more races and Dutch driver Red Bull leads by 12 points.


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