Mercedes in the UK was warmly received by fans and colleagues

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The streets filled with people as the Mercedes team finally came to the UK after a week of silence and disappointment.

It looked for a long time that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton would become champions for the eighth time in Abu Dhabi, but Nicholas Latifi’s crash completely changed the situation. Max Verstappen was the first to cross the finish line, having had better tires than the seven-time world champion due to stopping. This loss was difficult for Mercedes, which was partly noticeable in Various protests And announce their presence appeal will head.

Silent on social media

Due to the disappointment, calm reigned on Mercedes’ social media for a long time. Nothing was ever published about the race as Verstappen became world champion, while the team won the constructors’ title for the eighth time. It was announced Thursday morning that Mercedes will not resume Because of that, the deadliest silence on social media suddenly ended. The much-anticipated tweet about the eighth title finally arrived Friday morning, followed by photos of Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Toto Wolff, which were warmly welcomed by fans and colleagues.

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