Mercedes wants to take advantage of the mistakes made by Ferrari and Red Bull in Australia

Andrew Showlin was largely satisfied with Mercedes’ Saturday. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were able to reach P5 and P6, respectively, but the German team knew that the pace of the race would slow down. So, for now, one can only hope that one of the other leading teams will make a mistake.

“Last night we found some speed and the tires were able to get better for the temperature,” the Mercedes CEO said in a statement from the Brockley Group. However, he immediately adds that it’s not much better than we’ve seen in qualifying: ‘This is the maximum we can get out of the car.’

“The gaps for Ferrari and Red Bull are still worrying, but not surprisingly. We know from Bahrain that we have a mountain to climb,” he continues. The interval from Hamilton’s fastest time to Charles Lecklerk’s polar time is a whole second. The front row of the grid must be closed before Mercedes can participate again.

Mercedes wants to take advantage of Red Bull and Ferrari

“We’ve focused on racing speed this weekend, so we’re hopeful that our tire deflection will be fixed. However, we’re realistic. If something goes wrong at the front, a stage space will be one of the possibilities. However, at pure speed, the Toto Wolf team lags behind.

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